Complete upgrade process for DCE 7.9.0

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    Peter Sjostedt

    After 2 months of working with support to upgrade to 7.9 on a hardware appliance (that was questioned by me upfront if the overhaul would be supported on an older appliance), and getting environment security exceptions to establish an NFS share for backup, USB access to create a bootable drive, and risk mitigation for a full server flash, we are stuck at a boot prompt with preceeding message of, “No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!boot:_”.  This was not able to be resolved through calling support.

    This does not work, nor is there any mitigation offered such as transitioning to VM when either a) a broken product was offered or b) insufficient documentation to complete the procedure by customer when aided by support.  Fortunately, it wasn't the worst scenario of the flash wiping out both the prior instance and not properly installing, and we are on the 7.8.1 track (that works, but will not pass security).  We are questioning vendor at this point.

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