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    Jackie Lehr

    DCE 7.9.0 released

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    Peter Sjostedt

    After 2 months of working with support to upgrade to 7.9 on a hardware appliance (that was questioned by me upfront if the overhaul would be supported on an older appliance), and getting environment security exceptions to establish an NFS share for backup, USB access to create a bootable drive, and risk mitigation for a full server flash, we are stuck at a boot prompt with preceeding message of, “No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!boot:_”.  This was not able to be resolved through calling support.

    This does not work, nor is there any mitigation offered such as transitioning to VM when either a) a broken product was offered or b) insufficient documentation to complete the procedure by customer when aided by support.  Fortunately, it wasn't the worst scenario of the flash wiping out both the prior instance and not properly installing, and we are on the 7.8.1 track (that works, but will not pass security).  We are questioning vendor at this point.

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    Homer Simpson

    transitioning from an appliance to a VM is possible if you have vmware available to setup the new VM.  you also need to have your DCE support contracts up to date.

    A VM needs to be spun up on v.7.8.1. according to the requirements set for by SE online documentation.  the VM should be connected to the backup share and the VM should be restored using the appliance v.7.8.1 full backup. 

    once the restore is complete (this can take 12-24 hours depending on the size of the server and devices) you will the need to perform a full backup of the VM at v7.8.1 to the share.

    now you will need to deploy a new v7.9.0 VM, restore it with the VM v7.8.1 backup and then use the new upgrade for v.7.9.1.

    once that is done you need to add updated serial keys.  you will/may need to purchase a new vm serial license, the vm support and then license key support if you don't have that already. 

    a new request will need to be sent to SE that you are transferring existing license keys to the new server.  you will need to provide them with the appliance serial number and MAC and existing appliance device serial keys and the v.7.9.1 vm serial number and new mac address.   once they send the new serial numbers they can be added to the v.7.9.1 VM server.

    if all is successful the old v.7.8.1 VM can then be retired along with the appliance.


    hope this helps.




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